Why use Eventbrite?

On-line ticket sales allows us to track how many are being sold and gives us valuable information regarding where people heard about the event as well as other helpful data. It also relieves us of having to handle so much cash at the door. We can also include a big thank you to our sponsors and include vital information to the ticket holders. 

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1. What are the tickets for?
2. What about the fireworks being unsafe during the fire season?
3. Why July 3rd?
4. Shade/water availability?
5. ADA accessibility?
6. Where is the start and end of the parade?
7. Parking options?
8. Why use Eventbrite?
9. What are the service fees for?
10. Who are the booth vendors, bands and what is the schedule of events?
11. What should I bring?
12. What are you doing about safety concerns?
13. What is the COVID policy for this event?