Parking options?

Parking is reserved and available to volunteers. Parking near the park is limited so arrive early and then watch the parade which starts at 3pm. Parking is available at the Metro parking lot, the library, the Community Center, City streets and other parking lots around the park. 

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1. What are the tickets for?
2. What about the fireworks being unsafe during the fire season?
3. Why July 3rd?
4. Shade/water availability?
5. ADA accessibility?
6. Where is the start and end of the parade?
7. Parking options?
8. Why use Eventbrite?
9. What are the service fees for?
10. Who are the booth vendors, bands and what is the schedule of events?
11. What should I bring?
12. What are you doing about safety concerns?
13. What is the COVID policy for this event?