What are the tickets for?

The General Admission tickets compensate the cost of the festival and the staff and vendors including the fireworks company that are needed to put on the event. This year we are partnering with the Scotts Valley Educational Foundation who is hosting the kid zone. The Kidzone is being put on by the Parent Club and they will have tickets for their own activities. Proceeds from the kid zone go to the SVEF and support city schools. We wanted to provide an opportunity to sell tickets to the kid zone as well in advance.

The BBQ is being put on by the Scotts Valley Moose Lodge and their proceeds will go to local youth organizations. 

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1. What are the tickets for?
2. What about the fireworks being unsafe during the fire season?
3. Why July 3rd?
4. Shade/water availability?
5. ADA accessibility?
6. Where is the start and end of the parade?
7. Parking options?
8. Why use Eventbrite?
9. What are the service fees for?
10. Who are the booth vendors, bands and what is the schedule of events?
11. What should I bring?
12. What are you doing about safety concerns?
13. What is the COVID policy for this event?