Frequently Asked Questions

What is your contact address and phone numbers?

The Wastewater Treatment Plant is located at 700 Lundy Lane, Scotts Valley CA 95066. We are located near Public Works corporation yard. Our phone number is (831) 438-0732 and our FAX number is (831) 438-7218.

Where do I call for questions regarding my sewer bill?

Call Rhonda at 440-5612 regarding you sewer bill.

How much water is treated each day?

Almost one million gallons (950,000 gallons) are treated daily at the Waste Water Treatment Plant.

What happens to the water after it is treated?

During the dry weather months most of the water is recycled and used for irrigation at local parks, schools, and on roadway medians. In the winter months the water is discharged into the Monterey Bay.

Why does it smell sometimes and not other times?

Most of the time the wastewater treatment process can take place and not create any foul odors. However, given the nature of the business it is inevitable that from time to time foul odors will occur. It doesn't happen very often, but when it does the staff at the plant can usually determine the cause and take corrective action.

Does the water coming into the plant increase when it rains?

Yes, but not very much. The treatment plant only treats only water that goes down the drain in houses and businesses. All the rainwater flows into the storm drains that you see on the side of the road. That rainwater flows into the local creeks and eventually into the ocean.

It is very important not to let any garbage, used motor oil, or even soapy water from washing cars enter the storm drains because it will pollute our waterways.

I need to locate the nearest sewer line to my house and find my sewer lateral.

Give us a call at 438-0732 and we'll do our best to help.

How do I set up a tour of the Wastewater Treatment Plant?

Tours are encouraged and given frequently. Give us a call at 438-0732 to set up a tour.

Is the Waste Water Treatment Plant located at Public Works corporation yard?

No, Public Works and Engineering is located next door in the buildings at 701 Lundy Lane.