Scotts Valley Public Works
Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to hook up to the sewer system?

The cost of construction varies with each home depending on how complicated re-plumbing the house is and how far the trench and pipe must be extended to reach the City sewer main. Underground contractors listed in the yellow pages will often give free quotes for this kind of work. Additional to the construction costs are hookup fees of approximately $6,137.

Why is the hook-up fee so expensive?

The hook-up fee pays for your share of the construction costs of building the multi-million dollar sewage treatment plant on Lundy Lane. The sewer treatment plant construction was extremely expensive to enable the plant to clean the wastewater to state standards and allow it to be pumped and discharged into the waters of the Monterey Bay Marine Sanctuary.

How much is my water bill?

The City of Scotts Valley is not a full service city in that the City provides neither fire service nor water service. A separate water district with its own elected board of directors, with complete wells, maintenance crews, etc., provides water to City residents as well as to many people outside the limits of the City of Scotts Valley. The Scotts Valley Water District can be reached at (831) 438-2363. Water service to portions of the Whispering Pines area and Mt. Hermon Road is provided by the San Lorenzo Valley Water District (831) 338-2152.

What kind of permit do I need to work in the street in front of my house or in my driveway approach?

An encroachment permit is needed for any work done by private citizens within the right-of-way of the city of Scotts Valley. The permit ensures that any construction done in or next to a street is done according to adopted construction standards. The permit fee pays for an inspector to ensure that these improvements are built to a high standard and that during construction, safe traffic control is enforced.

How do I get a pothole fixed in front of my house?

Call us at 438-5854. City maintenance crews do not have the occasion to travel many of the City's side streets on a regular basis. If you have a pothole in front of your house, the City crews are most likely not aware of it. Let us know of its existence and we will correct the problem as soon as possible.

Do I live on a public or private street?

You will have to contact the Public Works Department at 438-5854 and get a case-by-case response. There are many privately maintained streets in the City of Scotts Valley that appear to be public. The Public Works Department has a record on which streets are private and public, as well as some history on many of the streets.

How do I get a speed bump installed on my street.

The City Council adopted a criteria to be met prior to considering installation of a speed bump. This criteria includes a petition signed by at least 60% of the neighbors in the area, as well as evidence of a speeding problem, and an appropriate safe place for construction. Click here for a complete list of these procedures and criteria.

How do I get a burned out street light bulb replaced?

Burned out street light bulbs on Mount Hermon Road and Scotts Valley Drive are replaced by the City. Residential street lights are maintained by PG&E. Residents with lights out in their neighborhood should report the outage to the Public Works Department at 438-5854. It is very helpful to include the street light number that is posted on the light standard when calling in the problem.

How do I get a malfunctioning traffic light repaired?

The City of Scotts Valley Maintenance Department arranges for the maintenance of most of the signal lights in the City. A call to 438-5854 will prompt a repair order to the appropriate maintenance organization. Several of the traffic signals next to Highway 17 on- and off-ramps are owned and maintained by Caltrans. They are responsible for the maintenance and timing of these signals. Again, a call to us will prompt a call to Caltrans for service.

Where are your offices located?

The Public Works Department is at a separate location from City Hall. Our engineering and maintenance departments are located at the corporation yard at 701 Lundy Lane which is accessed off of Whispering Pines Drive.