Tobacco Retail License

Pursuant to Scotts Valley Municipal Code Chapter 5.22 (City of Scotts Valley Ordinance No. 188), adopted on December 16, 2015, all tobacco retailers must obtain and maintain a valid local tobacco retailer’s license (TRL) in order to sell tobacco products. This license is required in addition to the California State Board of equalization Tobacco Retailer’s License. There is no fee to obtain this license.

For questions regarding the TRL application and permit requirements, please contact the Scotts Valley Police Department at 831-440-5670.

Return the completed and signed application to:

Scotts Valley Police Department
Attn: TRL Application Processing
1 Civic Center Drive
Scotts Valley, CA 95066

Please click on the folloiwng links for the TRL application and documents:

Tobacco Retail License Application

City of Scotts Valley Tobacco Retail License (TRL) Frequently Asked Questions

City, State, and Federal Laws Every Tobacco Retailer Should Know

City of Scotts Valley Tobacco Retail License (TRL) Ordinance No. 188 (SV Muni Code Chapter 5.22)