What Scotts Valley is Doing

The City of Scotts Valley Provides Restart Toolkits to 100 City Businesses

As businesses begin to re-open under the new County Rules, the safety of your workers and the public will be a top priority. The City of Scotts Valley wants to support these efforts by providing up to 100 businesses with a Restart Toolkit, including one free gallon of locally produced hand sanitizer and 50 disposable face masks and printable signage.

Toolkits will be available for pickup in front of Scotts Valley City Hall (1 Civic Center Drive) on Monday, June 1st and Tuesday, June 2nd from 9am - Noon. Additional dates will be scheduled, so please email if you are interested in an alternative time.


  • Businesses must fill out this form to receive a toolkit.
  • During the pickup window, business representative pulls up to City Hall in vehicle and pops trunk or unlocks door.
  • Representative gives identifying business information through window.
  • Masked/gloved City representative will place toolkit in car and shut trunk/door.
  • Get back to business!

We are so grateful to all of our Scotts Valley businesses from providing outstanding service to our community. We look forward to continuing to partner with you to get our local economy thriving again.

Expired: Temporary Moratorium on Residential and Commercial Evictions:
Effective Through May 31, 2020

On March 24, 2020, the Scotts Valley City Council approved a temporary moratorium on evictions of commercial and residential tenants due to non-payment of rent when the inability to pay rent is caused by income or business losses, or substantial medical expenses, related to the COVID-19 pandemic. The moratorium was passed to protect safety, welfare and public health by reducing further economic destabilization, loss of housing, businesses and jobs opportunities in Scotts Valley from COVID-19.

The City’s Urgency Ordinance No. 194, which established the moratorium, will prohibit evictions resulting from financial hardships from COVID-19 effective immediately through May 31, 2020. The moratorium is not retroactive.

For this eviction prohibition to apply, a commercial or residential tenant must:

Suffer a substantial loss due to COVID-19 from at least one of the following:

  • Job loss
  • Layoff
  • Reduction in the number of compensable hours of work
  • Store, office or business closure
  • Substantial decrease in business income cause by reduction of open hours or consumer demand
  • The need to miss work to care for a home-bound school-aged child or family member infected with the coronavirus
  • Other similarly caused loss of income that resulted from COVID-19
  • Substantial out-of-pocket medical expenses related to COVID-19; and
  • Notify the landlord in writing (includes email and text) before the rent is due that the tenant has an eligible reason for delayed or reduced payment; and
  • Provide the landlord with verifiable documentation to support the reason for the delayed or reduced payment; and
  • Pay the portion of rent that the tenant is able to pay.

Tenants who are afforded this eviction protection will have up to 120 days after the termination of this ordinance (termination is May 31, 2020) to pay their landlord all unpaid rent.

Landlords are not prohibited from evicting a tenant for reasons other than those outlined in the Ordinance.

The Urgency Ordinance No. 194 can be found here.

Declaration of Local Health Emergency

On March 18th, the Scotts Valley City Council declared a Local Health Emergency in the City of Scotts Valley by adopting Resolution No. 1974. The Declaration of a Local Emergency enables the City to obtain necessary resources to effectively respond to COVID-19, seek and use mutual aid and potentially obtain reimbursement. The Declaration does not mean that Scotts Valley has an extraordinary health concern.

City Operations Under the Shelter-in-Place Order

The City of Scotts Valley changed operations to meet the requirements of the Order. By ceasing non-essential activities, we are meeting our duty to slow the spread of the virus.

The City is operating with the following essential functions:

  • Police Dispatch and Patrol Services will operate as normal. The Police have special protocols in place to protect themselves and others such as the use of personal protective equipment. The Police and the Scotts Valley Fire Protection District have strong operational mutual aid protocols.
  • Wastewater Treatment Facility will operate as normal
  • Essential City Maintenance crew will be on duty for response
  • Outdoor Parks and Recreation Facilities will operate as follows. Please note that all use of parks, open space and outdoor park amenities must strictly adhere to social distancing requirements including keeping at least 6 feet between park users not of the same family/living unit, frequent handwashing and proper cough/sneezing hygiene.
  • The Scotts Valley Skatepark is OPEN -- please maintain social distancing. 
  • Parks, open spaces, dog parks, pump track and public restrooms remain OPEN.
  • Tennis, pickleball, basketball and bocce ball courts, and picnic and BBQ areas remain OPEN for family/living unit use only. There can be no co-use by groups outside of a family/living unit.
  • Playgrounds / play structures and outdoor gym equipment are CLOSED.
  • Given the length of the Shelter-in-Place Order we know that families and individuals need a place to recreate. If there is crowding or disregard for the social distancing, the City may need to close down access. The City urges community members—adults and youth— to follow the rules so everyone can continue to use our parks.
  • Also, beaches countywide remain open, with limited parking access.
  • Closure of all public counters (City Hall, Police Department, Planning and Building, Public Works and Recreation) with limited essential services provided by appointment only. For Building appointments, please email svbuildingdepartment@scottsvalley.org. For Planning information, please email bstevens@scottsvalley.org. Call (831) 440-5600 for more information about making essential appointments.
  • Closure of the Senior Center
  • Closure of the Community Center
  • Postponement of all event and facility rentals
  • Postponing all City Commission/Committee meetings unless essential
    • Providing alternative means of participation at City Council meetings. Members of the public are encouraged to view the meeting on Community TV, Channel 25, or online at https://communitytv.org/watch/ and email comments to cityhall@scottsvalley.org. These comments will be checked throughout the meeting and provided to Council Members.